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Why is it Important to clean Carpet?

Prolongs Life

Having regular carpet cleaning is important to get the full use out of your carpet's life. Carpets are always going to be walked on and having things spilled on them. Having liquids spilled on them can also cause permanent damage. Normally anything with dyes in the liquids such as Koolaid. Having you're carpets cleaned you can help prevent carpet staining and prolong the life of the carpet.

Removes spots and stains

Leaving a spill on the carpet and allowing it to soak in, the more difficult it can be to remove it. Quick removal of the spill can help from permanent damage and soiling. Having carpet protector can assist in removing the spill and help preventing the stain to become permanent. Having you're carpets professionally cleaned can remove most stains, soiling and prevent future damage.

What is Carpet protector?

Carpet Protector can keep your carpets looking newer and prolonging the life of the carpet. The protector can repel liquids from seeping down to the padding of your carpet and staying above the fibers to be able to quickly spot clean at easy. Below you can see on the left picture were the carpet was not treated vs the right picture were it was treated. You can see the left picture the red wine seeped into the carpet and the right picture you can see were it beaded above the carpet fibers preventing the red wine from possibly causing a permanent stain.

Improves air quality

Carpet can trap pollutants such as mold spores, dust, and dirt these are all things that could affect the air quality in your home. These pollutants can also affect your family's health, but with regular carpet cleaning it can help prevent pollutants to sustain in the carpet and maintain good air quality.

Eliminates bacteria, and allergens

Carpet also can be a breeding ground for bacteria, mites and germs. If the carpet was to become to wet it will begin to soil, bacteria and germs will start to grow. This growth can affect your family's health and can result in being sick. Cleaning carpets can help eliminate bacteria and allergens that could be harmful to you.

Carpet Appearance

After getting your carpet cleaned it can help prolong the life of the carpet and help create a healthy work place or home. If you have a client or customer that comes to your or workplace or even a family member coming for a holiday, they can be dislike the dirty or smelly carpet. Having a clean carpet can help productivity and over all morale of the office or home. It will help have a clean environment and keep employees from being distracted by a dirty workplace.


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