“Housework can't kill you, but why take the chance” – Phyllis Diller

About Us

Larson’s Steam Cleans’ staff is the most important asset we have.  The most important part of making sure that you receive the most complete, detailed, and ultimately clean home or business is the staff itself.  We focus on hiring the most passionate, detail oriented, caring employees possible so that you receive the service that you deserve.  In the cleaning industry most businesses do not focus on their staff but rather focus on a faster completion time whereas Larson’s Steam Clean focuses on actually providing our staff with the time necessary to completely achieve the outcome with the cleaning services that not only meets every customer’s expectation but ours also.  Achieving consistently clean service is our primary goal!

That goal is only achieved with a team effort from every staff member, and that starts at the top with our owners:

Alexandra (Alex) and Josiah Larson / Owners and Chief Operators

These two are the main reason why Larson’s Steam Clean is so different from every other cleaning company in the area.  Alex and Josiah truly care about the outcome of every service we provide.  They hold every employee to that caring service style which leads to an overall better service outcome for every job we do for you.  Both are constantly getting certified in new services and techniques that we can use to assist our customers in every aspect of cleaning.  These two men personally train every employee themselves so that the techniques we use are used the same by every employee so that you are provided with the most consistent service.  Their hard work and dedication to making sure you receive exactly what you pay for is the reason why Larson’s Steam Clean should be your only choice when you need something cleaned.

Nate Bowman / General Manager

Nate oversees all the details of Larson's Steam Cleans’ daily business and operations so that the service you receive exceeds your expectations. Excellent service requires planning and follow-up, and Nate provides both on a daily basis.

Nate leads Larson’s Steam Clean into the next generation of cleaning testing out new directions in cleaning utilizing the newest chemicals and equipment so that if there is a better way of servicing our customers that we are doing it.

Office Manager / Operations Manager / Site Supervisors / Special Services Managers / Crew Leaders

Larson’s Steam Clean has a full compliment of management staff that are utilized to set up the services, monitor the services, and quality check the services that are provided to you.  This ensures that we are always doing work that you will be completely satisfied with.  The system of supervision we use protects the quality and ultimate outcome of those services so that you can be confident that using Larson’s Steam Clean is the only choice to get the results you need.

Family owned & operated

Here at Larsons we value family! So, we know how much your family means to you and we strive to make you and your loved ones feel safe and happy with our results!

Professionally Trained Staff

The most important part of making sure that you receive the most complete, detailed, and ultimately clean home or business is the staff itself. 

Fully Insured Commercially

You can rest assured that when our team arrives to the job that they are completely licensed and insured.

Professional Equipment

With professional equipment and trained staff we guarantee a clean you will NEVER forget!


The National Safety Council's Bloodborne and Airborne Pathogens. Our team is trained to know how to prevent infection from these blood borne pathogens and will help protect you and themselves. 


We are trained to protect you and our team during the COVID-19 pandemic! We know how scary these unprecedented times are and your safety and well-being is our top priority.


We can guarantee you that all of your personal information is safe and that our team will follow ALL procedures required by OSHA & HIPAA


Our chemicals are EPA-registered and are able to kill microorganisms. These chemicals a very vital to help with preventing the spread of COVID-19.


 Less worry and hassle. We create a personal,
outlined work schedule that fits exactly what each customer wants. 


We are a local, family owned company instead
of a nationwide corporation we can cater and specify exactly the work
that we provide for each customer instead of using a one size fits all
model of cleaning.